Marilyn Monroe .. did you know..?/ Sabías que..?

She is said  to be the sexiest woman in the history, and everyone remembers her in  the 12721956_1706716432931534_9963197_nfamous scene of the film ‘The seven Year Itch’ where her dress blows up.

She was perfectly perfect, and she used to clean her face 15 times per day in order to take care about her beautiful skin.

Her hair was naturally brown, and she got married three times and she was always about two hours late.

She was a real star, one difficult and different woman with a special character that we will never forget.

Es considerada la mujer más sexy de la historia, y todos reecuerdan  la famosa escena en la que el vestido de Marilyn vuela en la película ‘LA comenzón del séptimo ano’.

Era perfecta en todo, y se lavaba la cara 15 veces al día para cuidar su perfecta piel.

Su pelo era naturalmente marrón y siempre llegaba más o menos 2 horas tarde.

Era una auténtica estrella, una mujer diferente con un carácter especial que nunca olvidaremos


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