Anna Wintour

Who does not know Anna Wintour? is the British editor-in-chief of American Vogue since13187758_1722541241349053_25169134_n 1988. She is more than an important figure in the fashion world.

The devil wears Prada, si said to be based on Wintour, with Priestly as the character inspired on Anna, who eats a freshly cooked steak  from the more expensive and top restaurant of the neighbourhood for lunch everyday at work.

With her deep knowledge of fashion and her strong characher, she change the topics of Vogue, since her very first cover, featured israeli model wearing Gues jeans and Lacroix top haute couture, breaking totally with the magazine’s sort of articles.

She is a very fan of Prada dresses, and she does not have any problem to wear the same dress in more than one occasion.

She wears the same bob hair- style since she was 14.

Once she said that she would never hire a person saying yes all the time, she prefers people who is able to argue, with a strong and different personality.

Do you like my version of her?

Quién no conoce a Anna Wintour? es la editora británica de la revista Vogue en América desde el 88, y es mucho más que una figura importante en el mundo de la moda.

‘El diablo se viste de Prada’ parece estar inspirado en Wintour, con Miranda Priestly como el personaje interpretando en algunos aspectos a Anna, que come un filete recién cocinado del restaurante más caro y chic de la zona.

Es una gran fan de los vestidos de Prada, y no tiene ningún problema en repetir modelo en más de una ocasión.

Lleva el mismo corte de pelo desde los 14.

Ha dicho varias veces que nunca contrataría a alguien que dice siempre que sí, prefiere a las personas con carácter capaces de discutir e imponerse a su jefe.

Os gusta mi versión?


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