Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

You must admit it: how much chocolate did you eat while watching this movie? The 13457788_1738062379796939_1715885427_namazing Johnny Depp is starring as the owner of the most special and peculiar chocolate factory of the world! Willy decides to open the gates and organizes a raffle amongst all the kids who would find the golden ticket: only 5 of them in the world will have the privilege to go and explore the factory under the guide of the fantastic Willy Wonka. Charlie is a poor kid who finds his ticket in the only ounce of chocolate he had bought, and he is the one who lasts until the end together with his lovely grandfather: they represent humility and the strength of the family.

Confesad: cuánto chocolate habéis comido viendo la película? El sublime jhony depp interpreta al propietario de la fabrica de choclate más particular y diferente del mundo! Willy decide abrir sus puertas  organizando un concurso entre los niños que encuentren el ticket dorado, hay 5 en todo el mundo y tienen el privilegio de ir a conocer la fábrica guiados por el fantástico Willy Wonka, solo Charlie un niño pobre que encuentra su ticket en la unica libra de chocolate que había comprado,  llega al final con su entrañable abuelo, que representan la fuerza de la familia, y la humildad.

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