Jack Skellington

Jack is the main character of the famous Tim Burton’s movie “Nightmare before 14805501_1797219980547845_864083313_nChristmas”, where he represents the “Pumpkin King” and he is the most known and famous of the place.

While organising Halloween, Jack visits Christmas Town, and he starts thinking about doing something different for the year, and to innovate he decided celebrating Christmas, something which was never lived in his place; obviously he recreates it in his own way, monstrous and funny.

Jack is stubborn and endearing, and he can count on the help of the sweet Sally, who is in love with him.

Jack es el protagonista de la célebre película de Tim Burton, Pesadilla Antes de Navidad, es el Rey Calabaza y el más famoso y conocido del lugar.

En la organización de Halloween, Jack visita la ciudad de la Navidad, y piensa para ese ano hacer algo diferente para innovar y se le ocurre celebrar la navidad, una navidad que nunca han vivido en el lugar, obviamente entendiendola a su manera, de una forma monstruosa y divertida.

Jack es testarudo y entranable, y cuenta con la ayuda de la dulce Sally, que está enamorada de él.


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