Audrey Hepburn: the eternal beauty

Audrey will stay with us forever … Even if it has been a longtime since she died, she will 18197567_1892906774312498_266672320_nbe always in our world as the icon of elegance that she is nowadays.

She was free and she lived her life always as she really wanted. And even if she suffered a lot for her two divorces she never lost her beautiful simile.

She left us unforgettable looks and her beauty will be always special as she was.

Soon I will upload the Spanish version of the book with the story of Audrey, for the moment I hope you like this illustration.

Thanks for being there.

Audrey estará para siempre con nosotros .. aunque hace mucho tiempo que se murió, ella estará para siempre en nuestro mundo, como el icono de elegancia que es hoy en día.

Era libre y vivió su vida como quiso. Y aunque haya sufrido muchísimo por sus dos divorcios, nunca perdió su hermosa sonrisa.

Pronto subiré el libro ilustrado de la historia de Audrey, por el momento espero que os guste esta ilustración.

Gracias por estar ahí!


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