Nicole Kidman, la bailarina de Cannes

The festival of Cannes always offers us unforgettable high couture looks, and this year it 18870803_1907322786204230_1442726769_ndid not fall short with its outfits; but it was Nicole Kidman who left us speechless with her beauty, appearing on the red carpet as a fairy tale dancer.

The actress could not be more beautiful. The sateen bodice and the tulle skirt were created by Calvin Klein, and the jewellery by Harry Winston.

Her look was spotless, apart from favouring the actress’ beauty; what do you think about my Coquette version?

Thank you for reading me!

El festival de Cannes nos deja siempre looks inolvidables de alta costura, y este ano no ha sido menos, el festival nos ha dejado oufits inolvidables, pero Nicole Kidman nos dejó boquiabiertos con su belleza, al presentarse como una bailarina de cuento en la alfombra roja.

La actriz no podía estar más wapa. El corpino de satén y a falda de tul los firmaban Calvin Klein by Appointment, y las joyas eran de Harry Winston.

El look era impecable, aparte de favorecer la belleza de ala actriz, qué os parece mi versión coquette?

Gracias por leerme!


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