Illustrated book Frida Kahlo

Hello! it has been a longtime!! but I have a surprise for you! I have been writting a book frida portadawith the biography and illustrations about Frida Kahlo’s life. I really enjoyed doing it, and I created it with my heart. I really hope you like it a lot, and you enjoy it also! For the moment I have finished the Spanish version, but soon I will upload the English version also.

Here you have the pdf link.

Have a nice reading!

Spanish version Frida kahlo

Hola! cuánto tiempo verdad? pues la verdad es que tengo una sorpresa!!! he hecho un libro con la historia e ilustraciones de Frida Kahlo, he disfrutado mucho haciéndolo y lo he hecho con todo el amor del mundo. Espero que os guste mucho y lo disfrutéis!!! Por el momento he terminado la versión espanola, pronto os pondré también la versión en inglés.

Aquí tenéis el link al libro!

Spanish version Frida kahlo

buena lectura!!



Moulin Rouge

Nicole Kidman is always spectacular, but she is just sublime in her performance as Satin15310673_1817548045181705_333011794_n in Moulin Rouge: unforgettable!
Nicole is stunning us with her undisputed talent, her voice, her dancing skills and her incredible acting, so I wanted to picture her as in her first appearance in the movie, when she performs “Diamonds are the best girls’ friend”: simply marvellous!
If you have not seen Moulin Rouge yet, then I definitely recommend it, because, even if you do not like musicals, you will love this one! The best of the movie are its music, its cast and its soundtrack, apart from the performance of the beautiful Nicole.


Nicole Kidman es siempre espectacular, pero en su interpretación de Satin en Moulin Rouge es simplemente sublime, nunca podremos olvidarla.

Nicole nos deja impresionados con su indiscutible talento, su voz, sus bailes y su increíble interpretación.

Si no habéis visto Moulin Rouge os lo recomiendo porque, os gusten o no los musicales, os encantará!! La música, los actores ,y la banda sonora son lo mejor de la película, a parte de la interpretación de la bella Nicole.


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